Troubleshooting Account Access

Use the troubleshooting table below to address common account accessibility issues.



I am locked out of my account

  1. Wait 30 minutes
  2. If you don’t remember your password, you can reset it  during the 30-minute wait time
  3. Reattempt your existing password (or your new password, if changed)

I received a locked-out message even after waiting thirty minutes or during my first attempt to log in

Contact customer support at 855-944-3246.

I cannot remember the answer to my security question, or I received an error message that my security question answer is wrong, even though I answered correctly

  1. Security question answers are case sensitive, make sure you are typing it correctly
  2. If still unable to access your account, contact customer support at 855-944-3246
  3. If you can access your account and want to change your security question and answer, you can do so in the Account Settings section of your account

I do not use or cannot access the email on my account

Contact customer support at 855-944-3246

I did not receive or cannot find the password reset email or another email from Your Health Idaho in my inbox

  1. Allow up to 5 minutes for the email to be delivered
  2. Confirm that the email you provided for the password reset link matches the email on your account
  3. Check spam or junk email folders
  4. If you provided a work or organizational email address, the email sent by Your Health Idaho may need to be cleared by your company
  5. If you are still unable to locate the email or need the email to be sent to a different email address, contact customer service at 855-944-3246

I am getting an incorrect password error after resetting my password

  1. Clear cache and cookies - clearing the cache and cookies will clear your browser’s memory of previous sessions
  2. Close and reopen the browser - Like clearing cache and cookies, closing and reopening the browser may resolve the issue
  3. Check password managers - If you are using password manager, it is possible that your recently changed password was not saved by the manager, and is still populating your old password during log in. Check to see if the password in your manager matches the password most recently created
  4. Reattempt password reset - consider resetting your password once more if you have tried the above steps
  5. If the steps above do not resolve your issue, contact customer support at 855-944-3246

I cannot get past the password setting page

  1. Ensure you are typing a password that meets the minimum requirements below:
    • Passwords must have a minimum of 15 characters, and contain:
      • 1 uppercase letter,
      • 1 lowercase letter,
      • 1 special character,
      • 1 number
    • Passwords CANNOT
      • Be any of the last 24 passwords used
      • Use the "%" symbol
      • Have consecutive numbers, like 1234